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Soldering is a process of joining two metal pieces by melting a filler metal into the joint.
The filler metal has lower melting point than the metals that it joins. Melting only occurs with the solder metal, while the base metal pieces are not melted. Usually, soldered joints aren’t very strong.

Welding on the other hand, is different. It’s a process of joining two metal pieces by actually fusing them together. Melting occurs at the base metal pieces themselves, thus fusing them together at the joint area. A filler metal is added to the joint sometimes, that fuses into the base metal pieces. Welded joints are much stronger than soldered joints, usually as strong as the base metal.

Simple Welding Rods are unique because they work for both soldering and welding applications. Simple Welding Rods melt at 728°F (387°C), similar to a casual solder filler, but achieve a bonding strength similar to a welded joint. Simple Welding Rods create bonds with the following properties:
Tensile Strength: 39,000 lbs/sq.in
Compression Strength: 60,000 lb/sq.in
Shear Strength: 34,000 lbs/sq.in
Electrical Conductivity: 24.9% IACS
Corrosion Penetration: 300 x 106 in 1 1/R

“Simple Welding Rods” is only a descriptive term for soldering and welding product. It describes a unique product capable of producing strong joints, similar to welded joints. However, this is achieved by a process that is much similar to soldering. It can be used in both applications (soldering and welding), that are different metal bonding techniques that are actually different in most aspects.